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Here’s why students happily place their medical future in our capable hands
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Through a combination of the best content & handpicked highly qualified tutors, Fraser’s Medical aims to provide the best standardised test & interview training for all medical & health science pathways.
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Beyond education, Fraser’s Medical keeps you up to date with all the changing landscapes in the Medical spheres. With a range of Free content and events others would charge for, we are committed to helping you be informed and successful.
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Fraser’s Medical is your peak body for navigating the Medical pathways. Whether you’re undergraduate, postgraduate, looking local or abroad, we have a team of experts and contacts that are unparalleled and can help you get where you want to go.
Our Mission

Purpose Driven

Starting off as a GAMSAT tuition company above a laundromat, since its humble beginnings, Fraser’s has always had one purpose, providing the best support to get students into their dream career and have prosperous future in it.Now providing education and support for 5 different standardised tests, tertiary tuition, interview training, career & admissions support across 13 different countries & 60 different universities, Fraser’s Medical still holds true to that core purpose of always putting the student first.

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Student, parent or teacher, get in touch with one of our Medical Career Pathway Specialists, to map out your or your child’s career into medicine.
October 2011

Fraser's GAMSAT

Dr Scott Fraser established Fraser’s GAMSAT in 2011 providing 1-on-1 help to GAMSAT Students. Since then Fraser’s has gone on to help over 3000 students into Medicine through the GAMSAT pathway. It is now recognised as the best GAMSAT content & tuition provider. As of 2021, 1 in 4 students sitting the GAMSAT were Fraser’s students & almost every GAMSAT student uses Fraser’s GAMSAT’s free resources.
Fraser's GAMSAT
January 2016

Fraser's Interview

Text below image: Established in 2016 by Dr. Tom Kelly & Dr Scott Fraser, Fraser’s Interview training is the premium medical interview training organisation. Fraser’s Interview is the only organisation to provide University Mock Specific Interviews & Admissions Guidance for all universities by specialists from that university. Fraser’s Interview has become the Gold Standard for Medical Interview preparation with 1 in 2 applicants as Fraser’s students and all students using our free resources.
Fraser's Interview
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January 2017

Fraser's UCAT

Established by Dr. Scott Fraser & Dr. Arjun Nagpal, Fraser’s UCAT provides more than just basic questions and strategies, but goes beyond to provide in depth training & guidance for an exam that is often labeled as “not possible to improve on”. Fraser’s UCAT students consistently perform above the median with the average Fraser’s UCAT student’s score being 22 percentile points above the median.
Fraser's UCAT
January 2020

Fraser's Medical

Established in 2017, Fraser’s Medical’s purpose is to go beyond providing help for individual elements of the medical pathway journey. As each individual's journey into medicine/health sciences is different, Fraser’s Medical provides personalised support throughout the complete journey into Medicine for each individual. Whether it be, the GAMSAT, ISAT, University subjects, UCAT, Interviews, Admissions guidance or anything else, Fraser’s Medical provides the guidance you need.

Fraser’s medical have had students admitted into over 50 Universities across the Globe, many of which Fraser’s Medical is partnered with.